Colorful Metal And Gems My Favorite

What color is your favorite,Sky blue,Grass green , Cherry red or some other color.There’s no doubt that every one has favorite color .And we like make the color a par of our life by wearing colorful clothes,jewelries and painting our house with it.As for me,my favorite colorful stuff are shinning gems and metal.When they come

25 Mar 2017

Monogram Jewelries Always A Trend

Monogram is back in a big way with the return of the personalize trend. Whether it’s fashion items, travel or home style, putting your own stamp on your style — literally — is hot all over again. You can monogram your name on your clothes,cups,jewelries etc.Imagine you monogram your name on your necklace ,it is

24 Mar 2017

How About A Gemstone Ring For Your Jewelry Collection Today

There is a saying that women always miss one clothes in their wardrobe.But I guess they forget to mention women’s jewelry collection.It is like eating for human,shopping has became one of women’ instincts.And good jewelries can always make people look good. Gemstone ring is one of the good jewelries. There are different kinds of gemstone,but one thing

23 Mar 2017

Come To Us To Customize Your Own Unique Jewelry

Nowadays people want to be different from others,wearing special clothes,driving unique cars to show their characters.Because it can be very embarrassing when you meet someone and discover you all wearing the same clothes or jewelry,especially when you are beautiful lady.Let’s face it every one like to be the one and the only for someone.And we

22 Mar 2017

How Name Necklace Become A Trend Come Back To Our Life

Recently, name jewelry have come into fashion thanks to our celebrities. Such as name necklace, name bracelet and name ring. You can see there is jewelry with monograms, loved one’s names, and initials which will make a mark on anyone.People like to show their love to their friends,families.And wearing name jewelry is one popular way

21 Mar 2017
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