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Titanium steel Features: silver gray metal, the proportion of 4.5, the melting point of 1668 ° C. Titanium is a very special metal, very light texture, but very tough and corrosion-resistant, it will not be black like silver, at room temperature for life to maintain their own color. Titanium melting point and platinum are almost the same, so commonly used in aerospace. Military precision components. Plus current and chemical treatment, will produce different colors.
It is unique silver gray tone, whether it is high polished. Mercerizing. Yaguang have a good performance, in addition to precious metals platinum, gold, the most suitable jewelry metal, foreign jewelry design in foreign countries often used, is the international popular jewelry materials The As for the style design, minimalist clean cutting, a high degree of design and low-key avant-garde style, much respected young white-collar workers. However, due to the high processing requirements of titanium, with ordinary equipment is difficult to cast molding, with ordinary tools and it is difficult to weld it, it is difficult to form the scale of production. Therefore, it is difficult to see its trace in the domestic jewelry market.

At present there are many domestic called titanium steel jewelry, the material is not titanium, stainless steel, for the attractiveness of titanium steel, and some even called titanium jewelry, in fact, is not titanium stainless steel jewelry.


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