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From an early age on the envy of the ring advertising hands of the exuberant hand. That a root slender fingers, wearing any jewelry jewelry are obvious as the heart. But in real life, the bride’s hands are not unparalleled that have to be thin spiritual power. For this ring designers have also launched a different type of marriage for the diamond ring. Now, no matter how your hand, there will be the best wedding ring that you add luster, it can learn from each other, so that your fingers in the happiness of marriage and its owner, like, exudes a charming charm.

Beautiful bride hand and ring how to perfect match

Thin hands: square, rectangular and round diamonds can help its sense of realism, if the main drill next to the border with some bright small drill, can make your fingers colorful.

Petite hands: diamonds should not be too large, and now popular single diamond ring is its best choice, simple and fresh, elegant and beautiful no, small family Jasper style vividly

Rough hands: rugged wide-shaped ring seems to be designed for the type of hand-type design, large grain of the tip type, oval diamond to make its atmosphere yet delicate.


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