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Copper is more lively than gold, with their characteristics can distinguish them!
Method One: You can put the ring in a damp place on it! But the time will be a little longer, about a few weeks later, you go to see if it is blue, if it becomes blue, that is copper; if not discoloration, it may be gold, because gold is not easy to be oxidized The substance. This method can only tell if it is copper.
Method 2: buy from the market a little concentrated sulfuric acid, and then will be placed on the inside and heating, if there is odor generated, then it may be copper, must not be gold. If there is no gas to produce, then it must not be copper, it may be gold. Because gold is a very lively metal. Gold can only be dissolved in the king water.
Method 3: The above two methods for the ring after the ring used to waste ~ ~ Oh ~ ~ gold is much softer than copper, you can first find a gold ring to do contrast (live circle) hand pinch, soft Is gold, hard is copper ~ ~


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