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Jade ring style is more diverse, colorful, according to the categories are divided into: antique models and modern models, Eastern models and Western models, the combination of Chinese and Western models, simple models and luxury models, men and women models, the traditional section And the fashion section; according to the ring is divided into prime and engraved models, single inlay and group inlay; emerald jade ring face color and more than the ring style, can be described as colorful, brilliant bright, beautiful seductive. Different emerald ring style, different jade jade ring face color, different jade jade ring face carving patterns, there are different meanings, for example, there is the meaning of brave for Lucky Jin Bao, the meaning of the red Fei Fortune , Violet meaning for the Purple East, there is the meaning of money for the peace and good fortune, the meaning of flowers for the rich flowers, the meaning of a bat for the blessing in front and so on.


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