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The Story Of Ring

Four thousand years ago, Sauron cheated the wizard to create the nineteen rulers of the Lord of the Rings, and their secretly
Casting the supreme Lord of the Rings of the ring. Soren will be nine rings rewarded to nine human kings – the nine people later became Naz ancient “ring spirit”, seven reward to the seven dwarves king, and the remaining three ring by Gilgard, Kelantle has owned. Subsequently, the human and the wizard in the oppression of Soren established the wizard and the last alliance of mankind. In the war, Solon killed the descendants of the supreme king of Elandil and the highest wizard Wang Gilgard, and poured in front of Soren Seth Duo raised Nasir holy sword, cut off the fingers of Soren The Not the supreme Lord of the Rings, the collapse of the whole army, their own physical form also disappeared without a trace.

Two years later, Essy Duo to Gundo to his own nephew management, he went to the north of Arnault inherited his father’s throne. In the Gladton Plains, some orcs who did not get the news of the defeat of Soren attacked Essy Duo. Essex was annihilated and Essex fled with the Lord of the Rings, but the Lord of the Rings betrayed it. Essex was shot by the archers in the river, and the Lord of the Rings remained at the bottom of the river.

Coincidentally, this piece of the Supreme Lord of the ring in two thousand years after the fishing of the Hobbit people picking up. Looking at friends Dege fiddled with the hands of the ring, Simo Ge immediately from the greed. History McGowler died Dege and take the ring, the final ring was corrupt, the body began to change, living alone in the fog mountains in the cave, known as “grunt.” After another five hundred years, the ring was picked by Charles’s Hobbit Bilbo Barkers.

At Bilbo Barker’s 111th birthday party, he secretly left the birthday party with the Lord of the Rings. At the request of Gandalf, Bill Bo gave up the ring and left it to his nephew, Frodo Baggins. Gandalf is not sure that the ring is the supreme Lord of the Rings, so go to Minas Tirius to read the scroll of Essy Duo. At this time the comeback of Soren has captured the grunt, in torture Guru to Soren revealed “Shire” and “Barkers”. Soren immediately sent nine ring to go to Charles search for the Lord of the Rings.

Gandalf returned to Shar and instructed Frodo to bring the Lord of the Rings to Rivendale to listen to Elon’s advice, and he would wait for the florist at the Pony Inn. Frodo then left Charles with his gardener Sam Wesch Jenji, who joined them on the way Merri and Pik. On the way the Hobbit people almost meet with the ring spirit, but they immediately use the vessel to flee the Charles. In the layoffs, the Hobbits did not find Gandalf, but they met Aragon, who had been called “big stranger” by the locals, and Aragon was blessed by Gandalf to join them. The night of the ring attacked the inn, but the Hobbit and Aragon had already moved, so the lords did not find the Hobbit.

On the other hand, Gandalf came to Isengard to seek Saluam’s advice. And Salu Man has long fallen, and alliance with Soren. He asked Gandalf to cooperate with him but was rejected, after some fighting Gandalf will be imprisoned.

The next day, half-minded Hobbit people follow the big step guy left the cloth, the spirit is hot pursuit in the post. At the top of the clouds, the Hobbit people were attacked by the ring, Frodo wearing a ring to stealth, but for the ring is not useless, Frodo in the resistance by the Angmar Witch King’s ancient sword hurt. As the injury became more and more serious, Alvin appeared and saved Frodo. At the Brennan Ferry at the Massachusetts River, Alvin chant the spell and chase the chanting of Frodo.

A pedestrian came to Rivendale, and Frodo recovered under the care of Elon. And Gandalf also in the eagle king of the help of the escape from the Isengard. At the Elon meeting, the angel of the dark jungle, Leigoras, to the son of Duchenne, the son of Duchenne, was the descendants of Eschidu, the heir to the throne. In the argument, people decided to bring the Lord of the Rings back to its castle – Oulu were “Doomsday Volcano” and at the same time identified by the Frodo, Sam, Meri, Pitt, Gandalf, Aragon, Glover The son of the sound of gold, woodland king prince Ligoras, Gondor Regent son of the Baltic combination of the Lord of the Rings expedition.


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