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MIKIMOTO Brand Custom Ring

Brand image: King of Asian pearls

Mikimoto, Japan Mikimoto founder of the Royal Wooden Jade Mentor Kentucky enjoy the reputation of “The Pearl of the Pearl” (hepearlKing) reputation, with his creation of artificial cultivation of pearl methods passed to 2003, has a long history of 110 years.

This year MIKIMOTO Royal wood jewelry in Shanghai opened the first store, to show the world a variety of pearl jewelry infinite charm. Is now in the rest of the world to establish 103 stores, the fourth generation by the family descendants of the Royal Mentage Feng Yan in charge.

Currently, Mr. Ito is the president of the company. Mikimoto Royal Wooden Jewelry will launch a new “Diamond Series” product in Shanghai next year. Mikimoto Royal wood jewelry on the classic quality and elegant perfect with the eternal pursuit of a deserved reputation as “the king of pearls.”


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