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How To Choose Brooches ?

Pick the details

1. To wear a very thick suit, you can choose a larger volume of the brooch, the material as much as possible to choose a hard metal shell brooch, the color to be pure.

2. Wear a shirt or thin sweater, you can wear a novel and unique style, while the small size of the brooch.

3. Line asymmetry, irregular clothing, if the chest needle in the middle part of the visual can play a balance role.

4. If you are in the suit suit collar on the edge of a brooch with a pendant, then the solemn increase in the dynamic growth of Jixi.

5. If your clothing color is relatively simple, you can wear a brooch with flowers, so that you can still show you in the noble and dignified unique style.

6. If your coat is multi-color, lower body is a darker skirt or pants, then, at this time in the multi-colored shirt to wear the same color as the lower brooch.

1. Brooch shape different, complex, simple and varied, decorative taste is extremely strong. If you are wearing a semi-high collar casual clothes, avoid the style of complex brooch. Wearing a simple shape of the brooch, then filled with a youthful romantic atmosphere.

2. When you are wearing a high-level fabric dress, it is not appropriate with plastic, glass, ceramic materials made of brooch, because this brooch and elegant gorgeous clothing is very uncoordinated, will only give a taste Not feeling high.

3. Young girls in the choice of brooch, the best to chic type, fun type is better, no need to pursue high-grade gold and silver jewelry in the material.


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