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Big Silver Necklace

Miao very attention to the chest neck parts of the decoration, which silver ring into a silver production in a sophisticated. It can be divided into chain and ring type two. Chain to chain linked to the activities can change; circle type is made of silver or silver bar made of circular, stereotypes can not be active. A few also have a chain of one. In addition, in the capital of Liujiang River is also popular in a row of silver, that is, rings, each set of a few, more than ten children, from inside and outside, circle diameter increased. Belonging to the chain of 8-ring necklace, gold melon necklace, beaded necklace, square necklace, ring necklace and so on. Belong to the circle of twisted collar, twisted collar, string ring collar, blinds collar, basket flower collar, rattou collar, silver dragon collar, square column

Twist collar. There are hundreds of chains of chain ties. String ring collar is very strange, is the basket flower silver for the inner ring, with fourteen ring into the string. In order to avoid the ring overlap, the silver wire will be equidistant fixed, the ring to butterfly and melon rice as the ear. The twisted thread is twisted and shaped, and the two bars are used to wear each other, and the ends are made of thin silver wire. Its shape gorgeous. Silver dragon collar for the double layer, with silver piece together, the inner layer of flat, the surface was semi-circular arc. Which is convex two dragons and pajamas figure, the collar of the lower edge of a string of silver hanging, hanging four, for the butterfly, lotus Bodhisattva, silver bell, leaves and other images. Its shape taro full, complex process, is the Miao silver collar in the boutique. Vine-shaped collar production process is relatively simple, but the ancient branches of rattan shape is to feel the fresh atmosphere of the mountains. 2 silver pressure collar

Silver pressure collar is popular in Xiangxi and Guizhou Qingshui River basin Miao area of ​​the embellishment, because after wearing a flattened skirt named Silver collar from the long lock to evolve. Long life lock the predecessor of the “long hug”, began in the Han Dynasty, is to avoid ominous, Dragon Boat Festival hanging in the door of the five-color silk thread. To the Ming Dynasty, evolved into children’s special neck ornaments, after the gradual development of life lock. Longevity lock in the middle of the Qianjiang River and part of the Miao area, but also to maintain the original rectangle, lock baskets have “longevity” and other like, often with the collar or supporting the use of collar. Silver pressure from the prototype far away, for the semi-circular or waist-shaped, the volume increased several times, pattern taro rich, the production process is complex. Xiangxi Miao silver pressure collar for the waist shape, the surface of the hollow two dragon opera beads pattern, and hanging ten butterflies, each butterfly hanging three silver chain blade hanging. Long 16 cm silver hanging, such as waterfall pouring, cover and belly. Leigong foot of the silver pressure collar is also used round carving, relief and carving technology, modeling complex, craftsmanship. Pressed the main pattern for the two round carved silver shy phosphorus, can be active hollow silver ball center, its silver dragon jumping, the next group of silver flowers.


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