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The Ocean Hearts Necklace

The Ocean Hearts Necklace

With bright dark blue transparent diamonds, is rare treasures, large particles of the world only a few stars, drilled “hope” is one of them.
The existing diamond “hope”, weighing 45.52 kt, has a very rare dark blue. It is said that it is not only beautiful blue, but also seems to launch a ferocious light, it may be because it is like a fog in the same history, full

French explorer and jeweler Taviere

In 1642, the French explorer and jeweler Taviere, in the southwestern part of India, first got this huge gemstone diamond, weighing 112.5 carats, it has a very rare dark blue. Taviere brought the gem back to France, dedicated to the French king Louis XIV, the king sealed him a official, and reward him a lot of money as a gem of the price. The legendary bad luck also began to come to contact with the gems of the body. The property of Taviere was drunk by his filial son, so that when he was 80 years old, he was so penniless that he had to go to India again and hope to seek new wealth. But he was killed by wild dogs.


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