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The Fashion Jewelry Of Korea

With the Korean idol drama in China, the play male and female wearing earrings, necklaces, bracelets, headdress and other jewelry, increasingly become the object of young people sought after. Korean jewelry is different from the higher price of gold and silver jewelry, generally by the copper, aluminum alloy as the main material, together with artificial pearls, acrylic beads, leather, wood and other materials produced, so the price is low, is the pursuit of fashion life Of the mass consumer goods. Korean jewelry refers to the Korean style design jewelry, narrow refers to the Korean production of imported jewelry. Jewelry industry is a labor-intensive products, it emerged in Europe and the United States developed countries, but because of high production costs, so transferred to the Asian region, where the human resources are rich and cheap. At first the production base was transferred to Japan, gradually formed a Japanese-style jewelry culture style, and then transferred to South Korea and China. South Korea from the design style, focus on creating a new image of the jewelry, the formation of a life as the theme, highlight the lovely, vibrant cultural image, and gradually welcomed by the market. At the same time Korean jewelry style warm, elegant and sophisticated workmanship sophisticated, and jewelry products and film and television drama combination, with popular Asian Korean drama to promote the Korean jewelry culture promotion, produced a very big influence.
Korean drama hit, Korean jewelry culture gradually by the Asian countries welcome, especially the edge of China. Due to historical reasons, China and South Korea’s cultural heritage has a very similar thing – like subtle, beautiful.

Korean cultural characteristics of the ornaments is to cater to the characteristics of China’s internal culture, just landing a Chinese on the wind up. Since the 80s of last century, China has formed a Guangdong, Yiwu and Qingdao three jewelry industry cluster, but because of the backwardness of technology and design, has not formed its own style. Korean jewelry into China, led the development of China’s jewelry industry, to the domestic jewelry industry spread of South Korea’s advanced production technology, advanced technology, cutting-edge development of information, into a mature international marketing channel for the Chinese jewelry industry is a A very good chance.

Korean jewelry is different from the higher price of gold and silver jewelry, more in line with the consumer’s positioning of young people.


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