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What Dose The Necklace Represent ?

Couple Necklace and ring bracelet are similar sources, is the slave society slave owners to treat slaves with the instruments and means. The role of the necklace is when the slave rests to hold them from their escape, and at the same time mark the identity of the slave, the bracelet and the ring is also almost the use of slave owners to show the ownership of the slave. But now the necklace mostly girls dress up, loved by the female friends. Especially the girls in love is like the beloved people to send her necklace, which is why? What is the meaning of the boy giving the necklace to the girl? In fact, there are generally two meaning:

First, there is the meaning of homophonic. I sent you necklace, that is, I want to fall in love with you (necklace)

Second, there is the meaning of holding each other. To send the heart of the chain is to want to hold the other side of the heart, not by other people away.


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