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The Function Of Pearl Necklace

There has many good function of the pearl couple necklace .

From the physical characteristics of speaking, pearls and human skin is very friendly. It is blindly valuable traditional Chinese medicine, oral topical has excellent health care, health effects, it contains 20 kinds of amino acids, 24 kinds of trace elements in contact with human skin, sweat (whenever the body will secrete sweat) the role of acceleration Differentiation of nutrients in the pearl, from the skin into the bottom of the surface, the whole body to play a role.

In all the jewelry, only pearls will not absorb the essence of the human body, only “sacrifice themselves to the wearer dedication” unlike other gems, need to rely on absorption of “popular” to raise themselves. In many cases, the wearer felt that the color of the pearls seemed to be pale and yellowed, and that was generally because the nutrients in the pearls were absorbed by the body.


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