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The Biggest Diamond Jewelry


Because  “Cullinan” is too big, then no one can afford. Later, the local authorities in the German city of Delaware acquired £ 150,000, and on December 9, 1907, the British royal family was presented to the British King Edward III’s birthday. At the beginning of 1908, “Cullinan” was sent to the then author of the most authoritative city of diamonds – Amsterdam, the Netherlands, to the processing of processing, processing costs 80,000 pounds. couple necklace as the original stone is too large, need to plan in advance to split into a number of small pieces. This is a very difficult job, because if the study is not enough or poor technology, this huge diamond will be broken into a pile of little value of little debris. The cleaving work was carried out by the famous Dutch craftsman about Aschary. He spent a few weeks studying the “Cullinan”, creating a glass model by its size and shape, and designing a set of tools. He first used these tools to test the glass model, the results achieved the desired requirements. On February 10, 1908, he and his assistant came to a special studio, with a large pliers tightly clamped “Cullinan”, and then with a special steel wedge placed in its pre-grinding groove The About a heavy hammer hit the steel wedge. “Snapped” sound, “Curtinan” motionless, steel wedge is broken. Aschar had a cold sweat on his face, and in an atmosphere of tension that was going to explode, he put a second steel wedge. And then hard to percussion, this time, “Cullinan” completely in accordance with the expected split into two halves, and Aschal was fainted on the ground.
“Cullinan” was split, by three skilled craftsmen pondering, they shared more than eight months time, 14 hours a day to complete the work. A total of 9 pondering a large diamond and 96 small diamonds. The total weight of 1063.65ct, only “Kulainan” the original weight of 34.25%. By the “Cullinan” ground into nine large diamonds, all owned by the British royal family. 9 of the largest one named “African Star I”, the weight of 530.2ct, pear shape, a total of pondering 74 faces. It is now the largest diamond, set in the British king’s power. The second largest is called “African Star II”, the weight of 317.4ct, the appearance of square, grinding with 64 faces, it is the world’s second largest diamond, is now set in the middle of the British Empire crown.


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