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Pearl Necklace Is Good For Women

Nowadays many couple necklace is made of pearl , that is, after drilling with a string of pearls together, wearing between the items. Natural pearl necklace has a certain role in nursing. Marketed goods are divided into two categories: one for the natural production of pearls; one for the artificial breeding of pearls, known as the “raising beads”, the Department of raw stone deciduous particles or sand into the clam shell after a few years after the formation. Pearls are more commonly used. Was born in the Song “open treasure Materia Medica”. Pearl clams and snails are stimulated by the secretion of secretions formed. Pearls in medicine with sedative and scared, heat yin, eyesight detoxification, oral mouth muscle and other effects. Especially women during menstruation, menopause irritability, wearing pearl necklace can play a better regulation, ease the role. But also prevent and cure chronic pharyngitis and thyroid, etc., while making the skin exceptionally smooth, delicate, sooner or later with the pearl gently massage the skin, but also skin care, beauty and speckle wrinkle effect.


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