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Jasper Couple Necklace

In fact, the so-called Hetian jasper are Russian jasper, because the Russian jasper production, and the color of tender by the collector’s favorite. But the Russian jasper limestone content is high, long wear will become dark and dark. But the main component of Hetian Biyu is tremolite, long-term wear will become more moist, green. people also use it make couple necklace .

Now the market is almost extinct Hetian jade, jewel level to reach the jasper is rare, high prices amazing. And now the Russian jasper even if the identification, identification results are Hetian jiu, ordinary consumption it is difficult to identify, so there is no full grasp I suggest you better do not buy, but if it is determined and Hetian Jiyu, and tender and moving color, black spots less It is definitely a collection of Jiapin.


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