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Lemon Necklace

Lemon is a very usual fruit in our life.It is usually used in cooking and juice 。The sour and sweet flavor makes people obsessed  about it.And the lemon water is also a good drink for people to enjoy in summer.It can make the thirsty and temper go away.It is widely used in cooking flavoring.It can make the dishes have more taste layering .And the lemon can people’s skin white too.It is a very useful fruit in our life.And the yellow is also a very popular color in fashion world.It can make people happy by looking at such bright color.

And people design the lemon look necklace.The flash of the lemon is so clear and the color make people’s saliva increase by just staring at it.It can help avoid cold happens too.I like it very much and I like the lemon look necklace too.It is very cute and interesting .


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