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Footprint Necklace

Footprint necklace most likely are made for new born baby to¬†commemorate this big moment.But that is not the only use of footprint necklace.It can also used as couple necklace .Get lover’s footprints and make each other one necklace.It is very romantic and sweet.And it is very personal and close.If you don’t have faith in your relationship then don’t get one.And the footprint necklace can also be used as parenthood gift.

The mother’s day just passed ,if you don’t get the right gift for your mother .Don’t be upset.Get one of this next year.It is a perfect Mother’s day gift.The small footprint is you and the bigger one is your mother .Because you will always be a child in your mother’s heart.And the footprint can represent the whole life she accompanied you with no matter bad or good.So do you think this footprint necklace will be a perfect parenthood gift?


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