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Donuts Necklace

People like eat desserts when they feel unhappy because sweet foods can help people release their stress.That is why the cake ,candy ,pies and donuts are so popular these days .Donuts is bread cycle get fried and get covered with frosting and other materials.You can buy all kinds of donuts at the bakery .The donuts are usually very colorful because covered with all kinds of materials .So it has good vision look and good taste.No wonder it is so popular.And popular things always get all kinds of peripheral products.Like necklace ,T-shirt and accessory.

First of all the shape of the donuts are good for necklace making.Because it is a cycle and cycle is very often used in necklace design.And the donuts are usually very colorful which is other good thing to make necklace.Colorful look means people’s attention.That makes the donuts necklace also become a huge hit.


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