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Breast Cancer Necklace

Disease always caught us unguarded.You don’t know when they gonna hit us unless you check out at the hospital regularly.For women the breast cancer is one of the common cancer in cancer.It requires strong mind and bravery to beat the disease.Normally it requires to cut off the whole breast that makes one of female characteristics go away.Sometimes it make people feel it is worse than death but that is ¬†wrong .The world is so beautiful and you haven’t seen it all.How could you die?For those who defeat the breast cancer they deserve a medals but the hospital won’t make one.But no one says you can’t make one for yourself ,if you want something more wearable you should custom a necklace.

Like this one.The scarf and the initial name plate.That is a prove that you defeat one of the most horrible disease on the world.You should reward yourself for that and move on ,live a better life.The necklace is just a symbol  that represent your old life is over now it is time to start a new one.


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