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Weeping Willows Necklace

Weeping willows is a species willow of dry areas of northern China.Its leaves will fall from the tree when the autumn is coming and the leaves will grows in spring like most other trees.But the willow has one thing that is different from other trees that is its branch will float with the wind.That is amazing .The weeping willows is a very common tree you can see at the river side.Once the spring comes and the willows branch will float with the wind on the water .It is like a Chinese paint.

This time the weeping willow necklace use the¬†flexibility of the weeping willow’s branch.But I don’t think the designer have really seen the weeping willow otherwise she might use many chains to express the willow’s flexibility.Anyway it is a good necklace but not a great one.But use the moonstone as a decoration is a interesting thought.


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