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Folded Crane Necklace

Have you try to say you like someone on high school.It takes a lot of courage to tell someone you like her or him.And sometimes people wrote love letters to say it.And people can make the love letter look so interesting.Some people would just stuck it into an envelope that is most likely guys ,but they may just say it in front of you too.And girls are different they like to do it more subtle They like to fold the love letter into crane or star then place it into guys closet.Now there are folded crane necklace coming up ,would you like pick one as a souvenir.

It is a tiny necklace doesn’t have any diamond or gems on it ,so don’t worry about it being expensive.And buy this necklace is not to memorize your first but your teenage life.That is never gonna happens again ,hope you have a great teenage life.So get one folded crane necklace for yourself.


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