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Hidden Message Necklace

Have you ever heard about hidden message necklace?It is a kind of necklace that don’t reveal itself when you first saw it .You have to try other ways to figure what it means.It usually hide the message at different angles.It is like a cube contains many possibilities.

As you can see the necklace looks like usual bar necklace at first .Then you look from the bottom you can see letters that combine together become words.It can use many bars to hide a word or just a bar to hide a pattern .I guess the necklace is perfect for those who love some people but are afraid to tell them.They can send  them this necklace that contains their hearts and hope one day the receiver can find it.It is painful  but sweet.Does it sounds familiar ?It feels like teenage secret crush.You may find it silly  when you grow up. But it can be a good memory.


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