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Wood Necklace

People always want to stand out from others.So they wear strange outfits and jewelries to draw people’s attention.But it usual can be considered as strange people and end up with no friends.If you are looking for some special jewelry you can try what I posted before acrylic jewelry.But I am gonna introduce you another one that is wood necklace.Wood is one of the most useful items in our life .We can not live without it.We need it to produce oxygen and build the house frame.But when after you do the frames you will find out many woods are left and the only thing you can do is throw them away.But now there are other ways.You can turn the waste into necklace.

Like in the pictures you can easily make the waste into this shape .Then the rest you need to do is chain them together.That won’t be too difficult.Then you can make the same beautiful necklace in the picture for your family That will be very sweet.


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