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Puzzle Necklace

I’ve seen a interesting necklace online today.I have heard about it before just never saw it.It is puzzle necklace. I’ve wonder what is it for?Then I figure it out.It can be used as the ┬ásymbol of friendship.Let me explain the concept of puzzle necklace.It is made by a few pieces of necklace and all it combine together can become a ┬ábrand new shape.Maybe it can be a heart and it can be a photo of all the people.It is amazing right?

It can also be used as family symbol.Every family got one piece can put  together become a photo of the family.And people just like puzzle so they make it into necklace.Well I just come up with a new idea.What if the whole part is a treasure map and the treasure is the time capsule they buried.The good friends make a promise that after ten years they will gather together and follow the map find the notes they wrote for future them.It sounds very interesting right.It is shame that I graduated from school already.


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