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Siren Alarm Ring

Have you ever siren alarm rings?Well I haven’t,it sounds like cut edge products.It looks like this.

Actually you can choose what kind of stone you would like to place.It looks like a normal gemstone ring but it is not just a normal ring.You can twist the rings when you feel like your life are threatened.And it will produce a high-pitched sound intended to be jarring and extremely unpleasant if positioned too close to the ear.SIREN is acoustically designed to project sound outward and away from the wearer through the apertures (holes) along the top of the ring. Upon activation, immediately extend or position your hand to ensure the face of the gemstone is directed toward the head and upper body of the intended target. For maximum effectiveness, it is important to remember that the area directly in front of your ring will feel the greatest impact of SIREN’s alarm, so always position the top of the ring away from yourself.It is cool right I wonder if  there  are any custom jewelry shop sells it.


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