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Mood Ring Color Means

A mood ring color can change in different colors and each of these colors represents the present mood of the person. The following are the colors that usually appear on these rings and the meaning of each color:

  • Black Mood Ring – when the color is this, it means the wearer is tense and stressed. Black has become the symbol of someone who is harried and overworked.
  • White Mood Ring – this color signifies that the wearer of the ring is extremely frustrated, probably bored and might be confused.
  • Gray Mood Ring – for this shade, the wearer experiences mild stress and that the person feels nervous and anxious. When the wearer starts to feel stressed or uncomfortable, this will be the initial color sign but when the feeling gets worse, the color immediately turns into black.
  • Brown Mood Ring – it is the color that mood rings represent when the wearer experiences an overwhelming sense of anticipation and restlessness. When the person thinks about all forms of nervous thoughts then the color will be this one.
  • Gold or amber Mood Ring – if there are mixed emotions that the wearer feels, the color of the mood ring would be amber or gold. These emotions could be feeling surprised or nervous or upset.
  • Yellow Mood Ring – when the person thinks about a lot of things and uses creativity then the color that mood rings will show is yellow.
  • Pink Mood Ring – it signifies uncertainty. This color might indicate the earlier stages of interest and arousal.
  • Orange Mood Ring – this color means the wearer is a little dare devilish and is willing to try something that is quite exciting and new.
  • Red Mood Ring – if the mood ring shows this color, it means that the heart rate of the wearer has been elevated. It symbolizes high level of energy and it can be associated either with fiery anger or romantic passion.
  • Green Mood Ring – it is the calm color and it shows the person is not feeling any nervousness or stress. As a matter of fact, it means that the wearer of the mood ring is within a good place or feels fine with the surroundings.

There are liquid crystals which are secret to the changing colors of the mood rings. These crystals are very sensitive to warmth and they will change their position in connection to the rise or drop in different temperature. That is how the mood rings change in color to represent a new shade in every situation. So now that you know the meanings of the colors that you can see revealed by mood rings, it should be not so hard to determine the feelings of the wearer that she tries to hide. Do you find it fun and exciting?


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