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Arrow Necklace

I’ve seen a lot pictures today to find something write about and I find one .And that is arrow necklace.Arrow is not usual to find these days .But I guess everyone has heard about it even though we have never seen it.The most famous arrow is that Cupid’s Arrow.I bet every one knows about it.This is like a fairy tale.But arrow is actually a weapon that we use to hunt food back to the old days.It is made of metal arrow head and wood body.It has a long history.But nowadays we have used arrow in our jewelry business.Like arrow necklace and arrow bracelet.Here is the picture.

As you can see it is combined with a heart.But I wonder where is the cupid.It has became a fashion item.You can say you don’t like it but you can not say it is not beautiful.You can find it at any jewelry boutiques.Try to wear one make you look more beautiful.


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