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Diamond Jewelry

Yesterday we talked about silver jewelry ,today let’s talk about diamond jewelry.Even though diamond is one of the most expensive jewelry materials these days.But it is not well known until last century.Diamond is the most hard carbon made items on earth.It is very difficult to destroy its structure.And diamond is not shining as it is now when it was dug out of the mine.It needs people do carving on different angles so that it can reflex the lights and become shinning .People like beautiful things so that is why diamond is not so popular it the old day.They don’t have the technology to cut diamond on so many angles.Unlike these days ,laser can cut most things on world .And one small diamond once be cut from different angles can give people it is bigger than it really is.I guess that is the strategy of the jeweler use small diamond sell more money.

Nowadays diamond has been applied on necklace,earring,bracelet.ring and all kinds of accessories.Designers make it shine like a light source under sunshine.When it combine with proper clothes can make people look stunning and elegant.The reason people like diamond is because that diamond have a elegant feeling.And diamond has become more rare with people mining too much.The price of diamond has become higher and higher with time passing.And the different colors of diamond is one reason too.The diamond contains different amount of mineral make the color of diamond changes.It has purple ,pink,,blue all kinds of color.Colorful things can make people feel happy.Let alone when it is colorful diamond .Its clarity and color make people easily  fall in love with it.People can also ask jeweler maker to make custom jewelry ,that is sweet ,right.

Although most diamond is colorless .which makes it a little cheaper than when it has color.But good design and the quality of the diamond are the reasons that decide how much the diamond is.Diamond is a big part of jewelry industry now.But be careful when you try to purchase diamond products.There are fake diamond these days.


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