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Silver Jewelry

As we all know that gold ,silver and copper are the most common metal in jewelry making industry.Gold is the most rare and expensive metal in the three,silver comes later and copper is the last.

Gold and silver are always used with all kinds of rare gems in fine jewelry.And copper is used in normal cheap jewelry usually plating with gold or silver to make it look better and sell higher.In ┬áthree metal I’d like to say something about silver jewelry.Actually silver is the most common precious metal in our life.Because gold is too precious to show too much on the market.It is used as the foundation of economy without it as guarantee our paper money will be nothing.So that’s why there are not too much gold on the market.Even have some will be mixed metal.At this kind of situation ,silver become the most common precious metal in our life and being used widely in jewelry.In order to make silver jewelry harder and easy to protect we often mix some more harder metal with it .Of course we won’t change the color of the metal .god knows how many people love silver because of the mysterious color .It give people some elegant and mysterious feeling.Like the moonlight.When it combines with beautiful gems ,that kind of beauty is beyond words can express.No wonder ┬áso many people fall in love with it.It is like gold its value is gonna be more with time going .As we all know,we used silver to make coins back in the old day.So there is doubt that silver is valuable too .So it is worth collecting especially when it is made into some gorgeous,delicate jewelries with some gems .You can find most of the vintage fine jewelry are made by silver.That is how valuable it was and how long it can last.

Unlike gold ,silver is more common and unlike copper ,silver is more precious.If you try to invest in jewelry,try some silver fine jewelry, it is worth it.Or if you like you can try to find some custom jewelry.Have a good day.


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