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What Are You Gonna Do For Your Mother At Mother’s Day

Like we mentioned yesterday,there are three festival during May.And we’v talked about CINCO DE MAYO yesterday,let’s talk about Mother’s Day today.Before anyone fall in love and you ask them about who do they love most they may answer you with mother,father,brother or any other family members.It is not strange.Before we become an independent person,we always live with our family.Parents love you and would take good care of you .Your sisters or brothers would protect when other kids try to bully you.Families got each others back no matter what they want to do.

Above all of them ,mother plays an important role in the family.In traditional family,mother always do the house work and take care of your father.Father works and pay the bills.In that case we always feel more close with our mother.No matter how far we go when we look back she will always be there for you.She taught how to be a good person.Of course we love our mother the person who give away all the fun they had before they have kids and take the responsibility of raising kids.Even though she may not be perfect and yell at you.That is only because she want you to be a better person and she loves you.And that is why we make May 14th as Mother’s Day.One day we use to appreciate our mother for what she’s done for us and what she’s give away for us.Look at the wrinkle on their face and hands,that is what time leaves on them.That is the evidence of what they went through for raising us.They become more older and we’v became an adult.It is time for us to take good care of then.But busy work and all the family business may not allow it.Then take Mother’s Day as a chance.Use it to thank your mother.Of course one day won’t be enough,but it is a good start.

So what are you gonna do on Mother’s Day?Take her to a good restaurant for a nice supper or take your small family pay her a visit .Let her enjoy the time with her kids and grand kids .Even better do both and send her a little jewelry as gift nothing expensive or fancy.But it got to be meaningful.It is their duty to take of us when we are kids and now it is our duty to take good care of them.

You can do it.


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