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Green,Blue And Red The Color Of Life

I consider green,blue and red is the color of life.The life of the planet that we live on is depending on the green and blue on it .The green is the lung it use to breath and the blue is the blood vessels that keeps the blood running.The green stands for the forest and the blue stands for the ocean .If you can see the earth from the space you can see the 80% of our planet is covered with water.As for the red stands for the real blood running through our veins.Even time we see blue,green and red color should remind us of protecting the world and appreciating our life.This is how I understand the meaning of the three color.

I bet you think there are other color that can represent life.Of course like thousand people have thousand hamlet.With different life experience the color they use to express for life is different.I think sad people would use black and white to express life.The people who live a good life can use some colorful color to describe their life.Our life is a painting canvas,when we are born to this world the canvas is still white as snow.As we grew up,people start being painted or start painting on their own.How is that even possible?Easy,the initiative on whose hands depends on what kind personality you are.If you are optimistic and positive you can cease the chance of hold the pen on your own use people’s thoughts about you as pigment choose the most colorful color painting the most beautiful painting on the world.As for the passive people they always listen to others opinion no matter bad or good.At the end they become confused and lost.They are gonna spend more time on finding out who they are.

What is the color of your life?Come and share with us.


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