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The Geometry Used In Jewelry

Every one have learn about geometry during their school time even now there are still many people are learning.When I learn about it I always wonder about what good can they do for me?You may say nothing at all without thinking.But when you think about it you can find it is everywhere. The desk we are using the book we are looking at.People like geometry but we just get too used to it we that we always ignore them without thinking.You can find they around you .You can find they being used on many things like out the looks on our clothes the shape of our jewelry。

We like jewelries that are made into Geometric shapes.You can find that when jewelry are made into geometric shapes they look more symmetry and balanced.Like triangle is the most steady pattern on this world.It gives people a good reliable feeling.And square always give people a feeling that who like it must like following the rules .Give people an honesty impression.The round gives people a flexible and smart feeling.So designer likes use it on jewelry.They are beautiful and always have people like they.When they combine together.They can make some good work appear on the world.The quality they represent are what we need to use in this complex social world.People can choose what pattern they like subconsciously and tell what kind people they are.What we like can always show the world what kind people we are.

Geometry is common but useful.So don’t be strange when you see it on jewelry.If you think it is beautiful then please don’t hesitated buying it.Geometric patterns are classic so is what they stands for.


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