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What Jewelry Did You Wear On Easter Day

The time fly so fast the Easter Day is already one week before.It still feels like yesterday.I bet you all have had a good time.Play all kinds interesting games and wear some bunny costume .Do you use some jewelry make it look more interesting.We always think abut bunny, Easter eggs and Jesus during Easter Day .And it is every where during Easter Day even now you can still see some .Since we love them so much why not wear some jewelry that are made after their imagine.I guess bunny earring and egg necklace or cross necklace seems like a good idea.So do you still remember what you put on yourself that day.Is it bunny or egg?

Well I hope you didn’t wear any expensive that day.It is a mess ,playing egg hunting and chasing each other in the yard.After all those I did’t think any thing can be as good as new.So the best Easter Day outfit is a simple T-shirt and jeans, couple accessories.It looks good,simple and relaxing.I have seen people’s picture on all kind social app.They certainly had a good time.This looks great and I took it from some one’s blog I hope she wouldn’t mind.Have a good day!


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