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What Jewelry Do You Wear In Summer

As time flied,the spring is almost half over and the temperature is getting higher.People start wearing shorts and t-shirt.Girls start wearing mini skirt and one piece dress.Every season has its own unique style.Spring is soft and colorful.And summer is hot and sexy,but also a little tempered .Every thing is short short short!!!!!hot hot hot!!!!!!!!

I guess the reason is not difficult to find. One is that the temperature is so high,people won’t  survive if they wear long clothes unless they have air conditioning around them all the time.Second is that we all love sun shine bath.Above all is that girls like showing their beautiful body around and being  chased.It is the prove of how charming they are.But girls don’t forget put some jewelry on otherwise only clothes will seems like too simple without style.How about some exaggerate earrings,short jeans and simple white t-shirt.Put some make up on and you can rock it.You can also wear some simple carved bar necklace or pendant necklace which will pop your clothes.If you like you can wear some handmade bracelet .Even these items are small but the efforts they make is not small at all.

A girl must know how to combine their clothes and jewelry.Not just short is good ,sometimes look through lace costume is not that bad.There are so many kinds of  clothes and jewelry.We can start with one style first then get to know others .At the end you will know how to show your unique things by wearing different clothes.Then you will be a qualified fashion girl.


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