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Bar Necklace

For those who don’t know, I’d like explain what is bar necklace.Bar necklace is made of by two part:the bar and the chain.And we can do something creative about the bar.We can carve some letter on it or name on it.We can add some gems on it too.So most of bar necklace are name necklace.And the gem we add can be birthstone.The bar necklace is very popular now.Even it seems so simple and small,but what it can mean is much more valuable than its real worth.

As we said before,bar necklace are most likely name necklace.Which makes it very meaningful.I mean no matter what, once got a name attach on it .It can be more than itself.For example two young person fall in love,needs some thing to represent their love.They can choose send each other a bar necklace with their name on it.So the bar necklace becomes a token of love.If you get naughty kids in your home.Then you can get one for the kids .We can carve our number on the bar in case when they are lost and the good people who find them don’t know who to call.We can also get one with chip
inside for pets .And of course it is more like pet name plate rather than name necklace.I am just kidding.The reason that bar necklace can be used as a safety tool is because it is easy to carry around and had the space for carving.Besides all that ,bar necklace is not expensive when it is made of stainless steel .You can buy gold bar necklace when you give it to someone as present.

If you like simple and refreshing style ,then bar necklace is your jam!Go get one.


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