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Man Needs Jewelry And Accessory Too

Don’t think that jewelry are only made for women.Man needs jewelry to decorate themselves as much as women do.I guess if you are star chasing people, you can see that male star like wearing jewelry too.Especially rock star they always like being different.So they would do lip ring or even umbilical ring.Well I have to say that is like too much for me.I mean it is like they can’t wait pierce their with countless rings.Of course it is only a few people.The rest are like the usual jewelry wearing way.They can wear bracelet.It is most like gifts from friends and family.And the will need one accessory when they wear suits which is cuff link.They need it keep the sleeve of shirts slip out of the suits.And there are also tie buckles too which keep tie still.

And don’t mention one of biggest moment of life getting married.It is on every one’s life schedules unless you don’t want get married.A wedding requires wedding rings that represent our vow to each other.So the conclusion is that man needs jewelry too. And in my opinion ,the people who buy jewelry are most likely man.Because if they want to get the girl they can’t just say some sweet talk.They need make some real actions so buying jewelry as gift is one way.

And man can wear necklace and earrings too.Basically what women can wear so do man.You don’t see that in a movie that the leader male always carry s necklace or ring ,which turn out belong to their decease wife,and then the female leader find out the story and fall in love with him.People like man when they are hurt and emotional .Anyway don’t be shy to buy jewelry for yourself when you are a man.It is very normal.



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