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What Kind Gems Would You Use To Describe Your Character

If you can use one gem to describe yourself,what would you choose ?Diamond is the most hard carbon structure item.Its clarity is also well known .I think it stands for the pure ,honest and strong character about a person,sometimes can even be stubborn. And pigeon blood is one kind of ruby is known for its color .It is so red that people think it can be real blood so that’s how it gets its name.Red can represent passion,energy and outgoing.sometimes can stand for impulsive.

When it comes to myself ,I would like choose Sapphire to describe my personality.First of all blue is my favorite color and  aquamarine is my birthstone,I mean there are researches said that a man’s favorite can reveal some of their characters.And blue stands for conservative, reliable and trustworthy,but also can be depressed and sensitive sometimes. It is what bother me most,I almost doubt myself get depression ,but that’s not true. I am just a quiet and like keep it myself person.

People can be very different even when they are raised under the same environment. There are a lot gems on the world you always can find the right one to describe yourself.Even if it is not that accurate ,but it is just for fun .Maybe you can ask your friend to choose one for you .Find out if your thought about yourself is there any difference from what other people think about you.

I bet it would be fun.


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