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6 Secrets Of Buying A Women Jewelry Gift

1.Buy what she loves, not what you want to see her in.

Want to find something a woman will think is the most beautiful jewel in the world? “First love her, then know her,” says by a consultant in Paris and former store manager for Chaumet and Tiffany. “Most of all, listen carefully.”

2.Pay attention when she is shopping

“I believe I understand my wife’s tastes after 21 years together,” says Doyle Cox, a real estate marketing specialist in Houston. “However, I prefer to watch her shop and when her eyes sparkle and her voice gets excited, I either surprise her and purchase it then and there or I return for it.”

3.Get her something with sentimental value.

“Choose a piece of jewelry that has meaning or history,” advises Elmer Kerr, a business development consultant in Ireland. “Say a man met his wife in Paris some 20 years ago. How about a nice French charm bracelet? It doesn’t need to be expensive but has a lot of meaning and history.

4.Look in her jewelry box. Better yet, look at what she’s wore at usual

Notice what she wears most. “Study your wife, fiancée or girlfriend,” says Vanessa Ribeiro, a retail marketing manager in Brazil. “What does she like – gold, white gold? Which color stone, big stone or small one? Is she delicate or a strong woman?”

5.Listen, listen, listen. We’re not that subtle.

“Pay attention to your woman,” says Palescandolo. “Most likely she’ll drop hints or blatantly tell you what she does and does not like .

6.If you want to surprise her, ask her best friend.

Remember the Sex in the City episode where Carrie finds the engagement ring Aidan is about to give her – and hates it? But when he finally pops the question and opens the ring box, it’s not the ugly ring she finds but an emerald-cut diamond on a thin platinum band. She’s thrilled. Turns out, buddy Samantha set him straight. “If you have to get married, the least I could do was make sure you got a nice piece of jewelry,” she tells Carrie later.


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